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Press Features & Recognition

Co-Founders Miho and Minhsa’s Invitation to Visit the University of Chicago as Keynote Speakers and Lecturers

International Grantees to Visit the University of Chicago for Careers in the Humanities Week (The Pulitzer Center)

Spring 2024: Campus Consortium Programming Puts Quality Journalism at the Center of Classroom Conversations (The Pulitzer Center)

Careers In Climate Journalism (The University of Chicago)

CEGU Careers In Climate Journalism (The University of Chicago)

Econosights Founders Miho and Minsha Speak at the University of Chicago Next Week (Repost from the University of Chicago)

Featured for Winning the Pulitzer Center Fellowing

Reporting Fellows by the Pulitzer Center (Columbia University)

CJS Graduates Win Reporting Fellowships With the Pulitzer Center (Columbia University)

Announcing the 2023 Pulitzer Center Post-Grad Reporting Fellows (The Pulitzer Center)

The Pulitzer Profile and Project

Miho Ouyou (The Pulitzer Center)

Minsha Ouyou (The Pulitzer Center)

The 1619 Project Profile

Miho Ouyou (The Pulitzer Center)

Reporting Fellows (The Pulitzer Center)

Miho’s Feature Story

Rising From the Rubble: Life After a Once-in-a-1000-Year Earthquake (Columbia University)

Sites Related to the Documentary on Miho and Minsha’s Impacts, Documented by Japan’s Only National TV Station (the actual documentary was broadcast internationally to 150 countries and regions)

J-MELO Past Editions (The National TV Station of Japan Following Miho and Minsha at la Salle High School)

Following the Club at La Salle (Ai Takahashi from one of the most famous idol groups in Japan, Morning Musume)

LSJP Homepage (LSJP, Minsha’s and Miho’s Founding Club Page)

The International Broadcast Schedule (The National TV Station of Japan)

Recognitions at Emory University

Miho Recognized as the Youngest Graduate of the Class of 2020 (Emory University)

Recognition for Inducted into the International Honor Society for Economics, Omicron Delta Epsilon

Omicron Delta Epsilon Honor Society Members (Emory University)

Omicron Delta Epsilon Inductees (Emory University)

La Salle High School’s Alumni Recognition

Minsha Ouyou and Miho Ouyou (La Salle High School)

Academic Decathlon Speech Medal

Minsha’s Recognition for Earning a Medal at the Decathlon (PasadenaNow News)

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