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Nvidia Dethroned as World’s Most Valuable Company After $220 Billion Sell-Off

Nvidia’s brief tenure as the world’s most valuable company ended after a sharp decline in its share price. Over several days, the stock fell by 13% from its peak, erasing over $220 billion in market value and dropping Nvidia to third place behind Apple and Microsoft. The sell-off was likely triggered by investors cashing in gains from the stock’s recent surge and the news that CEO Jensen Huang sold a tranche of his shares. But enthusiasm for the stock soon revived, leading to a recovery.

Nvidia が世界で最も時価総額の高い企業であった短い期間は、株価の急落で終わりを迎えた。数日間で株価は最高値から13%下落し、時価総額は2,200億ドル以上も消失し、Nvidia はAppleとMicrosoftに次ぐ第3位に転落した。この売りは、株価の最近の急騰による利益を現金化しようとした投資家と、CEOのジェンスン・フアンが保有株の一部を売却したとの報道が引き金となった可能性が高い。しかし、すぐに株価への熱狂が再燃し、回復に至った。