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Weekly Business News [April 27 Edition]

The Bank of England has ordered stress tests for private equity firms following findings that numerous UK banks have inadequately assessed their exposure to such entities. The Financial Policy Committee announced that it will offer a detailed evaluation of these financial risks in its Financial Stability Report, set for release in June 2024.

Britain’s FTSE 100 hit a record high due to a weaker pound and soaring commodity prices. But the perception of the UK stock market as undervalued has also contributed to a decrease in new listings in London, pushing a political initiative to boost the market, with discussions revolving around strategies to incentivize greater investment, such as pension schemes and the new “UK ISA,” tax-free savings for retail investors.

The Federal Trade Commission voted to ban non-compete agreements in employee contracts, a move that would affect tens of millions of workers. The US Chamber of Commerce has already filed a lawsuit in federal court in Texas, arguing that the agency has overstepped its authority.


英国のFTSE 100は、ポンド安とコモディティー(商品)価格高騰による史上最高値を記録した。しかし、英国株式市場が過小評価されているとの認識が、ロンドンでの新規上場の減少にも寄与し、市場改善を目的とした政治的な取り組みを推進している。年金制度や新しい税制優遇個人貯蓄口座「UK ISA」など、大規模な投資を促進する戦略についての議論が行われた。