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International Grantees to Visit University of Chicago for Careers in the Humanities Week

Reposting from the Pulitzer Center’s News

In partnership with the Pulitzer Center, the University of Chicago’s East Asia and Middle East regional study centers and the Career Advancement office will host grantee Guia Baggi, from Florence, Italy, and Post-Grad Reporting Fellow Miho Ouyou, from Tokyo. Ouyou’s reporting partner, Minsha Ouyou, will also join. 

The journalists will join seminar classes as guests, meet with student groups, and present on a Careers in the Humanities panel moderated by University of Chicago Professor of Creative Writing Kathleen Blackburn. 

Baggi reported from the Mediterranean on an invasive species of blue crab, a voracious predator as well as a delicacy with prospects for culinary mainstreaming. Mediterranean conservationists and fisherfolk are negotiating the future of local ecologies invaded by predatory insects, animals, and flora transported by a globalizing and warming world. 

Miho Ouyou and Minsha Ouyou’s reporting project Japan: Radioactive Water Discharge Into the Sea, looks into concerns about safety and seafood commerce that arose after Japan announced it would release water irradiated by the 2011 Fukushima reactor meltdown.